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Why did the orange lose the race? 

... it ran out of juice!


hahah... My name is Christy & I love dad jokes! Don't let the last name fool ya! I am half cuban, half American, so yea, I speak Spanish. my Spanish isn't the best but I get by lol.  I live in South Florida with the love of my life Alex, When we aren't binge watching one of our fav shows or going to baseball games, we are traveling the U.S. to document your love!

Some things I love are: traveling, the Mountains, board games, chocolate (this is probably top of my list lol) and cheesy romantic comedy movies & reality tv shows.

I typically binge watch the same movies & shows until I find new ones to obsess over lol. some of my Favorite shows are; Hart of Dixie, The office, Friends, The voice, American Idol, too hot to handle, perfect match, love is blind, love island you get the drift lol. some of my Favorite Movies are; When Harry Met Sally, Clueless, My big fat Greek Wedding, Harry Potter, in the heights & the list goes on.

Wanna hear something cool? I'm a first degree Black Belt in Taekwondo. I love Country music. I'm obsessed with Dogs, Cows, lemurs & MY RAT TERRIER LUCY, SHE'S MY BABY.

can't wait to meet ya, See ya soon! 



this is us!


I'm not superstitious, 

but I am a little stitious.

- Michael scott


Okay now you're talking to me, Alex, the cool one at the company. Christy probably disagrees with that but I'm pretty sure I'm right.

I'm an absolute fiend for music, whether it's listening to artists like Tyler Childers/Colter Wall/Tame Impala/Shawn James etc, or playing my guitar and jumping on a drum set (whenever I come across one lol).

Like Christy, I also prefer to just re-watch shows/movies that I love like Narcos, Forrest Gump, and anything at all that Marvel Studios produces! I guess it's just one of the things her and I bond over haha.

I would definitely consider myself a "clown" in the sense that I love to make people laugh and lift spirts. Honestly, It's a big reason Christy and I get the best out of our shoots because we're able to get past the shyness/awkwardness some couples may feel when they first get in front of the camera. So if you're choosing between us or another photographer, just know that having awesome, down to earth people like us taking your photos makes a difference!

See you soon! 

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